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On this site, you can see many photo mosaic pictures which have been generated using Foto-Mosaik-Edda.  The photos were taken from in October 2008 and can be found in the Creative-Common-License 2.0. The source information for the current photos can be downloaded.
To display the pictures on this website, we use the Flash-Viewer Zoomify, because it allows interactive viewing of the photo mosaic pictures.

Example 1: Chaos Mosaic

Mosaic Type: Chaos
Size: 75 MegaPixel
Tiles: 6500 (majority covered)
Source: download

Example 2: Parquet Mosaic

Mosaic Type: Parquet
Size: 75 MegaPixel
Pattern: Portrait: 1 & Landscape: 3
Tiles: ca. 1000
Source: download

Example 3: Classic Mosaic

Mosaic Type: Classic
Size: 19 MegaPixel
Tiles: ca. 2000
Source: download